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Your home in the Highlands...the SCRIPTORIUM apartment!

Guarding the Great Glen on the shores of Loch Ness, Fort Augustus Abbey has a long and often turbulent history that stretches back to the days of Culloden and Bonnie Prince Charlie. In 1876 the Lovat Estate leased the grounds to a Benedictine Order of monks who built a monastery, and later a school, on the great bastions of the Hanovarian fort...get now a feeling for this place in history at the slide show 'Times gone by'.

Today the austerity of monastic life has given way to the warmth of modern leisure living...still with the special peacefulness of a spiritual place in a mystic setting!

'Pax in Virtute' - Peace with Righteousness - is the original motto of St. Benedict's Abbey at Fort Augustus...

Enjoy the 'sound of peacefulness' at this perfect HIGHLAND HOME...for people who love The Highlands of Scotland!!!

 Towers and Turrets and a Place in History...

This great A-listed ensemble of buildings has been converted with dedication. Special focus has been laid on preserving the special character and many beautiful features of the abbey, its cloisters and the great towers that make it such a landmark.

Inside, a programme of total renovation, restoration of each and every single piece of history and discreet building has taken place as to transform the original spartan accommodation into distinctive, luxury, individual apartments and glorious public areas from a sumptuous Club Lounge to a Health Club to dream of...just FOR YOU!

Wherever possible period features have been retained. So don't be surprised to find a gargoyle or two gazing down on you. Or a stained-glass window in your bedroom.

You might browse now through another slide show and dream of YOURSELF, relaxing & strolling through the abbey and its grounds...or explore the secrets of the cloister garden!

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